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Aye, Aye with the i-Bridge four islands

By South China Sea Staff//Images: Team Italia Group Images: Team Italia Group It goes without saying that navigational communications are key to safe sailing and yachting—which is what the i-Bridge four islands module by the Team Italia Group is all about.  The i-Bridge four islands, now launched for the US …

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Model Citizen: Isabel Münich

By South China Sea Staff Photos: Provided by Isabel Münich Bouncing between Bali, Indonesia and Zhuhai, China, Isabel Münich is truly a global model citizen. Of Brazilian-Chinese heritage, she has lived in São Paulo, Curitiba, Dalian, Macau, Hawaii and Seoul. In Bali, she is now involved in social media marketing and …

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Teak Time Travel on the Vat Phou

By South China Sea Staff Images: Secret Retreats The legendary Vat Phou ferry recalls a time of ancient architectural treasures and the colonial teak trade on its languid Mekong adventures.  Bar None Views Once a fabled teak ferry around the vicinity south of Vientiane, the fully refurbished Vat Phou ship …

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Moonen’s Sleek Martinique 

By South China Sea Staff Images: Moonen Yachts Moonen’s new Martinique collection is full of proper metal and mettle. Named after the pristine Caribbean island of Martinique, this line’s latest is the Brigadoon, christened this summer, and a sister ship to be unveiled in 2020.  Splash down! Owing to the …

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Model Citizen: Rayza Akinstoph

By South China Sea Staff Images: By Rayza Akinstoph Brazilian born Rayza Akinstoph is a model citizen bon-vivant—who sets up alluring shots of herself. Now based in Los Angeles but still hitting the globe for exotic shoots, Rayza chatted with South China Sea Magazine for some fun questions.   South China …

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