Aye, Aye with the i-Bridge four islands

By South China Sea Staff//Images: Team Italia Group

Images: Team Italia Group

It goes without saying that navigational communications are key to safe sailing and yachting—which is what the i-Bridge four islands module by the Team Italia Group is all about. 

The i-Bridge four islands, now launched for the US market at the Florida International Boat Show, is one of the finest integrated nav com solutions for controlling and managing onboard super-yacht systems. 

Illuminating Navigation

Its innovative graphics are integrated into the i-Bridge system for versatility, efficiency and design. Indeed, augmented reality, multi-touch controls and joggers and a 4k stretch display and integrated wings are specialties of TEAM Italia. This nav com device further tracks out a new route on the panorama of supervision systems for unprecedented levels of usability. Moreover, it provides for integration of the monitoring systems, which were developed by Onyx Marine Automation, one of the companies in the TEAM Italia Group.

Charting New Adventures

In sum, this tip-top tech gives the captain maximum communication command. 

Aye, aye captain i-Bridge four islands….

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