ACR’s Overboard Location Alert System Stylish Watch

By South Chin Sea Magazine Yachts Correspodent// Images: Courtesy ACR Electronics

It’s a stylish watch that’ll save your life.

Indeed, the new Overboard Location Alert System (OLAS) by ACR Electronics is a marvelous maritime must have. 

This addition to their MOB or “man overboard” technology includes ACR OLAS Tag and ACR OLAS systems—these are worn by users and connected to an app on their smart phone or tablet. 

This mobile application technology works by detecting a break in the “virtual tether” from the mobile device to the ACR OLAS MOB system within 8 seconds of someone falling overboard. The phone then stores the GPS location, and sounds a loud alarm which alerts crew to the man overboard incident. It then hones in on the signal of where the break occurred with instant GPA location sent to rescuers. 

ACR states, “Introducing the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology to the market for the first time, the ACR platform also features the ACR OLAS Core Base Station and ACR OLAS Guardian, a wireless engine kill switch, for boaters who require extended functionality. The ACR OLAS Extender is a further option that can be added to increase the range of the OLAS MOB systems on larger boats.”

Moreover, “the OLAS Core base station and OLAS Guardian wireless engine kill switch negate the need for phones or tablets, linking up to 15 OLAS Tags or OLAS Float-On MOBs to the boat and featuring app connectivity, plus a built-in alarm and emergency light. An option of adding an OLAS Extender is also available to extend the range to over 100 feet….It is easy to install and allows the user to restart the engine for the rescue after 5 seconds.”

Worth a pick-up then by anyone spending time on the water weather fresh landlubber of seasoned salt of the sea. 

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