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Pearl Jamming: AmCham South China Winter Ball

By South China Sea Staff Images: AmCham South China Come jam in the heart of the Pearl River—old school!    Join China legend Harley Seyedin and his acclaimed AmCham South China Winter Ball. Themed as “A Journey Through Time,” the gala event takes place at the LN Garden Hotel, Guangzhou …

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AquaSonic Submerged Symphony

By South China Sea Staff Images: Between Music EDITOR’S NOTE: WHILST THIS SHOW HAS NOW SAILED IN HONG KONG, THE ARTICLE LAYS OUT THE SPECIAL SYMPHONY OF THE SEA THAT DENMARK BASED “BETWEEN MUSIC” PERFORMS.  You’ve heard of underground sounds—welcome to underwater music.  Created by Denmark’s Between Music troupe, the …

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Samahita Retreat Samui 

By South China Sea Staff Images: Samahita Retreat Samahita Retreat has chosen a sanctuary in the sand for its enlightening yoga and exercise classes.  Southern Koh Samui Opened in 2003 and nestled along the southern shores of Koh Samui island in the Gulf of Thailand, Samahita offers daily yoga, core exercises, …

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Mikimoto Tea Time at Victoria

By South China Sea Staff Images: InterContinental Hong Kong They were two legendary figures in their own time: Queen Victoria and her eponymous Harbour in Hong Kong, and Mr. Kokichi Mikimoto and his eponymous house of MIKIMOTO pearls in Tokyo. Eternal MIKIMOTO As homage to the 125th anniversary of 1893 …

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Localizing Tourist Tastes in Thailand

By South China Sea Staff Images: TakeMeTour/LocalTable Harnessing tourism to enhance local lifestyles and sustain traditional culture is a moral imperative for the travel industry—one that is being taken seriously in Thailand. And with good appetites.  Good Thai Vibrations The “New Era of Local Tourism in Thailand” campaign with the …

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