Pandaw’s Passage to India

By South China Sea Staff

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Mekong River legend Pandaw cruises has bold new embarkations: passages to India.

Pure Pandaw Sailing

Crown Kolkata, Victoria Memorial

From the emerald Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean to the Lower and Upper Ganges, their luxury motor yachts with private cabins, full service kitchen, and relaxing decks are steaming ahead with storied sojourns. From bustling Kolkata to old Portuguese Goa to sacred Varanasi, the urban odysseys are almost as magical as the natural flows of the Andaman Sea, Ganges or Brahmaputra Rivers.

Varanasi at Sunset

A Bridge over the Ganges

Beholding Brahmaputra

Meet the Karen minorities of the Andaman Sea whilst sailing around Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago and India’s Nicobar Islands, and the ultimate landing on the sandy shores of Phuket, Thailand. Find elephants cavorting in the surf and the secret lagoon of Cockscomb island.

Let your trunks free

Cockscomb Island

Go deep into the Ganges into the heart of sacred Varanasi and the fabled passages of the British Raj paddle steamers. Or explore the mighty Brahmaputra River to UNESCO protected Assam Valley with safaris to see the Great One-Horned Indian Rhinoceros and the “Mishing” people’s river island. Tea plantations tantalize and offer splendid cups of unforgettable sipping in Assam as well.

Whatever your Pandaw passage to India, the trips are as rich as the rivers and seas of time that these classical double-deck cruise boats conjure up.

Beginning in 2019, journeys vary from 10-days to 15-days, pending season. For more insight and information on Pandaw’s new passages to India, feel free to e-mail us at:

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