Peace + Pleasure on the Silk Sea

Red Lightening

The Vanquish VQ75 Veloce is Cracking Hot
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Vanquish Yachts

It’s art plus power on the water. Hop aboard the new high-octane motor-yacht VQ75 Veloce by Vanquish.

Sleek in sunstone red, and also gorgeous in steel and blue colors, this vessel looks like a submarine but cruises like a torpedo. Blessed with agility and stability for a 75 foot class craft, it can be ordered as an open day boat or with an enclosed and transparent sunroof.

The cabins have been upgraded from the fleet’s VQ48 and VQ50 models with an owner chamber plus two more VIP suites. It can be crewed by two people, so additional hands on deck aren't needed—which frees up the berths for extra guests and fun. With a full service galley it is ideal for chartering as well.

Design has been attended to so noise is minimized from the engine room—but the stereos can be cranked up as loud as guests want. Avid yachters will no doubt appreciate the unique elongated design and “cool factor” this ship embodies. Best yet, it can be highly customized—just as Vanquish philosophy dictates.

That means if you go with the sunstone red model, you can request flames on the side.

Talk about smoke on the water!