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Nautor’s Knots

Sailing Swan Songs
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Nautor's Swan

The sails rip through the wind like knives. There’s a clear sound of air being sliced. Same as the bow throw the water. Waves are cut in twain with a blade like intensity. The fine noise sings like special swan songs. This extraordinary precision is the sound of one of Nautor’s Swan new Swan 115 models. Finland based Nautor’s new Swan 115 line was launched in 2014 and showcased to fanfare at the 2015 Monaco Yacht show.

These sublime sailing specimens feature the hallmark Nautor’s flush deck and semi-raised saloons—for hitting the water with style. They have a new hull shape with a plumb bow, wide stern, and twin rudders designed for increased response. The interiors come with hand-crafted teak that have been given light oil wax finishes. Master cabin and guest quarters are immaculate and designed to client’s precise wishes—just as the founder of Nautor’s, Pekka Koskenkyla, has done since 1966.

Indeed, 2016 marks 50-years for Nautor’s Navy of international sail boats and yachts around the world. The company will be hosting a special Swan 50th Anniversary Regatta from July 28 to 30 in Turku, Finland. Looks like it will be an all aboard affair for Nautor's Swan owners next year.