Peace + Pleasure on the Silk Sea

The Black Swans

Nautor’s Sailing Yachts Conquer
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Nautor's Swan

The 31-strong fleet of Nautor’s Swan yachts spoke volumes when they conquered the waves at the Cope del Rey MAPFRE regatta.

Their sailing beauties included six Club Swan 50s, twelve Club Swan 42s, and twelve Swan 45s. There was even one Swan 601.

According to Nautor’s, “Class ORC 1 was dominated by Swan yachts, being Swan 45 Rats on Fire the leader and Swan 45 Porron IX in second place.”

They further state, “6 ClubSwan 50s, gathered for the first time, showed off their cutting- edge performance underlining the OD formula where the boats are all the same and human being is the only tip the balance.”

One helmsman, Hendrik Bradis of the Earlybird said, “I love this boat. It is light, it is one design and it is fast. All the boats are alike and anyone can win.”

Sounds like a sailing endorsement for the fine Swans of the sea.