Peace + Pleasure on the Silk Sea

Best Kep Secret

Cool on the Cambodian Coast
Photo Credits: 
Christopher Cottrell

Somehow, we’re in Kep.

The sun dipped in the east over Bokor Mountain as we sped past the salt fields of Kep.

The destination for our tour was sweet crab and cold beer on Kep’s beaches to watch the sun melt into the Gulf of Thailand.

Carved from Kampot city in 2008, Kep is a sleepy Cambodian seaside town. A stone’s throw to the border with Vietnam, it features relaxed bungalows with Khmer, French, and Chinese touches.

From Kep’s shores you can see the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc off in the distance. Guests can visit Kep’s own white sand kissed beaches on Rabbit Islands, which are just shy of five kilometers from downtown.

As we crept through Kep’s main downtown, a light rain fell. The sky turned a gentle blue and gray hue. There’s little air pollution in Kep or anywhere, really, in coastal Cambodia. Which makes it stunning for pictorial posts by mobile phones or editorial work with professional equipment.

I could say more, but I’d rather keep Kep a best kept secret.

Nevermind, nothing to see there.

Onward to Sihanoukville!